Warehouse Racks For The Automotive Industry

warehouse pallet racking

The automobile industry is one of the earliest industries to use heavy duty storage racks for warehouse and implement standardized management of warehouses. The use of storage shelves improves the utilization rate of enterprise warehouse space and work efficiency, saves manpower and time costs, and also ensures the safety of production.

The warehouse pallet racking of the automobile industry is relatively complex, and there are many types of goods that need to be stored, such as raw materials, semi-finished auto parts, and there are many kinds of semi-finished parts alone, such as car casings and tires. Therefore, the automobile industry is usually more complicated when planning warehouse storage. Today, the editor will take a large automobile company that has just been completed in as an example to show you the storage shelves commonly used in the automobile industry.

Laminate shelf: Laminate shelf is the most common type of shelf in the warehouse of the automobile industry. It is suitable for storing some light-weight and small-sized light-throwing goods, which can be picked up manually. The structure is simple, the appearance is beautiful, and the assembly is convenient and flexible.

Mezzanine steel platform: Mezzanine steel platform also appear frequently in the automotive industry, especially in the auto parts manufacturing industry. The attic shelf can make full use of the height of the warehouse and improve the utilization rate of the space. It is especially suitable for storing some goods that are manually stored and retrieved and have a small quality and volume.

Heavy duty racks: It is not surprising that heavy-duty racks are used more frequently in the automotive industry, because heavy-duty racks are suitable for almost all industries and warehouses. Heavy-duty shelves are often used together with some functional accessories when used in the automotive industry, such as mesh laminates, steel laminates, back nets, etc., because there are often some small items that need to be stored in the warehouse of the automotive industry, and these accessories can prevent storage In the process of small items falling off the shelf, etc.

Narrow-aisle racking: Narrow-aisle racking saves a lot compared with heavy-duty forklifts. With the special three-way stacking forklift to store and retrieve goods, the space utilization rate of the warehouse is greatly improved. Narrow-aisle racks are also a good choice for some car companies that want to make better use of warehouse space.

Fluent shelf: Fluent shelf is also called sliding shelf, and it is often seen in the automotive industry. The fluent rack uses the self-weight of the cargo rack to store the goods from one channel and pick up the goods from the other channel to achieve first-in-first-out. Fluent racks have high storage efficiency and are suitable for short-term storage and picking of large quantities of goods. It can be equipped with electronic tags to realize easy management of goods. Commonly used sliding containers include turnover boxes, parts boxes and cartons, which are suitable for large quantities of goods and short-term storage and picking. Widely used in distribution centers, assembly workshops and warehouses with high shipping frequency.

Gravity rack: Gravity rack is a kind of pallet rack, which is developed on the basis of beam rack. Compared with ordinary beam-type racks, gravity racks do not need to reserve operation channels before the racks, but only need to reserve access channels for incoming and outgoing goods. The storage density is higher, and the utilization rate of storage space is about 75%. Gravity racks can realize first-in first-out storage. Gravity racks use their own power to achieve storage, which is a non-powered form, without energy consumption, low noise, very environmentally friendly, safe and reliable.