VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Pallet Racking System

The most commonly used type of pallet rack system in distribution centers is selective rack.

This is a versatile system that suites a wide variety of operational features. There are options within selective rack to make this type of system best suite your space, SKUs, and picking processes. One of these options is a very narrow aisle racking system, commonly referred to as a VNA racking system.

  • Completely selective – all individual pallets are accessible, increasing stock rotation
  • Improved utilisation of the floor space – requires less floor space for the aisles which frees up more storage space
  • Faster picking rates can be achieved
  • Automation – potential for automated storage and retrieval systems

Introduction of Very Narrow Aisle Racking


The storage capacity is almost double than selective warehouse racking systems in the same space

High quality steel

Pickling before powder coating, make the surface more firmly

High investment cost

Requires the configuration of a forklift for stacking operations, the narrow passage requires a high level of skill from forklift drivers

suitable for large storage

Suitable for the warehouse storage that need with large storage capacity, frequent inbound and outbound operations, and high requirements for picking cargos.

Specifications of Industrial Very Narrow Aisle Racking

Very narrow aisle pallet racking, also known as VNA pallet racking system, are derived from selective pallet racking, known as a dense storage system. They are mainly composed of column pieces, crossbeams, span beams, back stops, ground rails, feet, and other accessories.
Each layer can be adjusted to a certain pitch. It has high space utilization and large storage capacity. Widely used in logistics and warehousing centers, large warehouse style supermarkets.
Compared with standard pallet racking systems, the difference between VNA racking in the significant reduction in the size of the pickup channel, which is generally 1.6m-2.0m. The space utilization rate can be increased by 30% to 60%, allowing your warehouse to achieve narrow while large.
In order to facilitate the storage and retrieval of goods, narrow aisle shelves need to be operated in conjunction with stacking forklifts. The ground feet should be equipped with guide rails, which are usually made of angle steel. The stacking forklifts move along the established tracks, effectively preventing forklifts from hitting the shelf columns and ensuring the safety of the work.
The size of the pickup channel in the VNA racking is slightly larger than the width of the pallet. The cargos are placed and carried like standard pallet racking, making it easy to pick up cargos.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of VNA Racking System

Advantages of VNA Pallet Racking

  • The pickup channel is relatively narrow, generally between 1.6m-2.0m
  • The warehouse space ratio has significantly increased, by about 30% to 60% compared to the ordinary crossbeam type
  • Easy to reach cargos

Disadvantages of VNA Pallet Racking

  • Requires the configuration of a forklift for stacking operations
  • The narrow passage requires a high level of skill from forklift drivers
  • The height of the warehouse should be at least 8m

Usually, VNA racking have independent forklifts operating inside the warehouse, suitable for the warehouse storage that need with large storage capacity, frequent inbound and outbound operations, and high requirements for picking cargos.

Requirements of VNA Racking

The VNA Racking System requires flat ground. To ensure accurate access and positioning of pallets in high-rise cargo spaces, forklifts must be equipped with semi-automatic auxiliary pallet positioning devices. This system has extremely strict requirements for the strength and tolerance fit of the shelf structure.

Standard Selective Palet Racking

Standard Selective Pallet Racking is assembled by columns, cross beams, cross braces, slant support and self-locking bolts. It is a fully assembled structure in the form of column pieces with cross beams. The structure is simple and effective. This combined structure is convenient for transportation and handling; The crossbeam adopts a specially made cold-rolled composite beam; This structure has the characteristics of simplicity, reliability, light weight, strong load-bearing capacity, and low cost; The column card is equipped with a special design safety pin when connecting to the column, which can ensure that the crossbeam will not fall off under external impact.

Why VNA Racking?

In warehouse operations, the advantages of switching from standard aisle to very narrow aisle are clear at a glance. By using very narrow aisle system that can store 20% to 25% more products in the same space. What's even more impressive is the system can store 40% to 50% more products in the same space

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