Warehouse Rolling Storage Gravity Carton Flow Metal Racking

mobile gravity carton flow metal racking

The structure of gravity carton flow racks is similar to pallet racking systems, except that roller rails are installed on the beams, and the rails are inclined at 3-5°.

Pallet goods are transported by forklift to the inlet of the rack, and the pallet automatically slides from the inlet to the pickup port at the other end by using its own weight. Gravity self-sliding shelves belong to the FIFO (first-in first-out) storage systems.

Features of Gravity Carton Flow Racking Systems

  • It is suitable for goods that are stored in large quantities and need to be shipped in a short time.
  • It is suitable for B-level commodities in the ABC classification.
  • Suitable for first in first out.
  • Using dense flow channels to store stacked objects, the space utilization rate can reach 85%.
  • Use a general forklift to access.
  • The height is limited, generally below 6 meters.
  • Only one kind of goods can be stored in each runner.
carton flow racking
Gravity Carton Flow Racking

Introduction of Mobile Carton Flow Racking


Save space, storage utilization is more than 60% higher than pallet racking systems.

Improve logistics efficiency

Save time, the efficiency of item access is 10 times that of selective pallet racking.

energy saving

Reliable and durable, saving forklift usage, low cost of use, no need for regular maintenance, no pollution and no energy needed.

suitable for handling equipment

Reduce or completely eliminate item damage, especially suitable for storage of fragile items

Specifications of Gravity Flow Racking Systems

Gravity racks belong to pallet storage racks in storage racks. Gravity shelves use a first-in-first-out storage method, and the depth and number of layers of the shelves can be determined as needed. Gravity racks are suitable for the storage of small varieties and large quantities of similar goods.

Gravity racks structure

Gravity racks evolved from pallet racks, using roller track or bottom wheel pallets.

Working Principle

Gravity racks, also known as roller racks, belong to pallet storage racks in warehouses. Gravity racking is one of the derivatives of warehouse pallet racking. The racking structure is similar to pallet racking, except that roller rails are installed on the beams, and the rails are inclined at 3-5°. Pallet goods are transported by forklift to the inlet of the rack, and the pallet automatically slides from the inlet to the pickup port at the other end by using its own weight. Gravity shelves are a first-in, first-out storage method.

Features of Warehouse Gravity Carton Flow Sliding Racks

  • The goods are deposited from the high end, slid to the low end, and taken out from the low end. During the sliding process of the cargo, a damper is arranged on the slideway to control the sliding speed of the cargo to be kept within a safe range. A separator is provided at the delivery end of the slideway, and the handling machine can smoothly take out the goods at the position of the first board.
  • The goods follow the first-in, first-out order. The shelf has high storage density and flexible matching function.
  • It is suitable for storage operations with pallets as the carrier, and the goods are stacked neatly, providing a better solution for the storage of large and heavy objects. The utilization rate of storage space is over 75%, and only one entry and exit channel is required;
  • Gravity racks are very environmentally friendly, all of which are in the form of no power, no energy consumption, low noise, safe and reliable, and can operate at full load.

There is no working channel between groups of shelves, thereby increasing the space utilization rate by 60% and improving the volume ratio of storage; pallet operation follows the principle of first-in, first-out; automatic storage rotation; separation of storage and picking actions Greatly increases output, reduces the number of transport routes and forklifts due to self-gravity sliding the goods and no access to operate


The total depth of the rack (that is, the length of the guide rail) should not be too large, otherwise the unusable upper and lower “dead corners” will be large, which will affect the space utilization, and if the ramp is too long, the controllability of sliding will be poor, the momentum of sliding will be large, and it is easy to Causes poor sliding, blocking, and overturning of palletized goods. In order to make the sliding smooth, if the ramp is long, a damping device should be installed in the middle. Therefore, it is difficult to design, manufacture and install, and the cost is high. Such shelves should not be too high, generally within 6 meters, and the weight of a single pallet is generally within 1000KG, otherwise its reliability and operability will be reduced.

mobile racking

Application Field

Since the gravity self-sliding rack can achieve the first-in, first-out of the goods, it is mainly used in occasions with high requirements for the time difference of the goods (such as ensuring the uninterrupted supply of materials in the production line).

gravity flow racking

High Density Racking

Like drive in racks and radio shuttle racks, the storage capacity is very large, and it uses gravity to ship goods by itself, and the forklift does not need to enter the aisle, so it is more convenient to access

gravity flow rack

Bass environmental protection

During the process of the goods sliding from a high place to a low place, a damper is installed on the slideway to control the sliding speed of the cargo to keep within a safe range.

carton flow racking

Double C type beams

The column fully adopts the gravity dispersion effect, and the bending angle is 14 to increase the force; the foot piece increases the force surface, thereby reducing the ground pressure, so that all the columns of the shelf are in the same plane, preventing the shelf from tilting during use, etc. question; The beam is the main force point of the platform. It is bent and two C-shaped joints are fastened together through the rolling line; The support beam is the point of dispersal of the platform forces.

Project Case

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