Heavy Duty Pallet storage Racking

There are many types of warehouse shelves, which are divided into:

  • Light Duty Shelving Systems
  • Heavy Duty Racking Systems
  • Automatic Smart Shelving Systems

Common types of heavy duty racks in factories include:

  • Selective Pallet Racking
  • Drive-in Pallet Racking
  • Mezzanine Floor Pallet Racking
  • Gravity Roller Racking
  • Double-deep Racking, etc., which are also commonly used in warehouses.

Introduction of Heavy Duty Pallet Racking


Made of high quality steel with corrosion Protection

High quality steel

The Galvanized Steel Pallet Racking System have strong earthquake resistance.

low investment cost

Equipped with mechanical handling equipment for storage operations

Adjustable Racking system

The height of each layer can be adjusted freely in integer multiples of 75/50mm

Specifications of Industrial Pallet Racking

Industrial selective pallet racks generally refer to racks where pallets, storage cages and other storage containers are placed. From the perspective of operation, selective pallet racks are generally operated by forklifts. When we designing the solutions, we can usually calculate the capacity of the pallet racks by the maximum number of shelf storage that can be accommodated, customers can plan the storage method of the warehouse through this design number.

Common types of pallet racks:

  • Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Heavy duty racking are the most common type of storage racks, and they are also the most widely used storage racks. Heavy duty racking have the lowest cost, but also the lowest storage rate. It is suitable for warehouses with various types of goods.

Drive in pallet racking systems require a single type of goods that can be first-in-last-out. The drive in racks has higher requirements for the forklift, the width of the body should not be too wide, and the forklift needs to enter the access channel. The storage rate of drive in racks are more higher, but when the storage operation is performed, it needs to enter the aisle slowly, and the efficiency is not very high.

Gravity flow pallet racking also called Carton flow pallet racking. It is unpowered automatic racks that automatically slide down from a height by the gravity of the goods. It has certain requirements on the material of the tray, and the cost is relatively high. With first in first out, high storage efficiency.

The radio shuttle rack is an automated storage rack that uses a shuttle car as a storage machine, and cooperates with a forklift truck and a shuttle car. Shuttle racks are the future development direction of storage racks, which can be first-in, first-out.

Warehouse storage racking are used to store goods in today’s corporate warehouses. Some parts of the racking and shelving structure must be under more pressure, while some parts are under less pressure.

In the structure of heavy duty warehouse racking shelving, it can be divided into two parts: columns and beams. The columns are in direct contact with the ground, while the beams are usually used to store cargo. To sum up these two points, the column part of the pallet racking shelving is the part with greater force. Therefore, when the pallet racking factory made racks for customers, it usually installs some accessories on the column part to make the column of the storage rack more stable and prevent the rack from being deformed due to insufficient load bearing or improper forklift operation.

In addition to the high bearing strength of the columns mentioned above, the beams and laminates of the pallet racking also bear part of the weight of the goods. In order to better improve the quality of the shelves, all shelves produced by the BR pallet racking manufaturers adopt high standards raw materials Q235 steel to ensure the quality of the shelves from the source.

The usage rate heavy duty racks for warehouse is very frequent, in order to better preserve the integrity of the goods and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents. We need to do a good job in the safety maintenance of material storage racks in our daily work, which will make the entire warehouse shelves safer and more stable.

Heavy Duty Industrial Racking

Racking Components

Heavy duty racks are assembled from columns, beams, transverse braces, diagonal braces and self-locking bolts, which can effectively prevent the shelf from becoming unstable after the bolts are loosened; the beams are made of special cold-rolled P-shaped closed beams; the structure is simple, reliable, light in weight, strong bearing capacity and low cost; the column clamp is connected with the column with a special design safety pin, which can ensure that the beam will not fall off under the impact of external force; the laminate adopts the international strip laminate, which has strong bearing capacity , Wear resistance, simple replacement and low maintenance cost.

Heavy Duty Racks For Warehouse

Different Structure

Unlike medium duty racking systems, there are many basic elements in the design of heavy duty pallet racking. Such heavy duty shelves are generally designed to have four layers of cargo. The shelves can be placed in the warehouse individually in each group, which is more convenient for moving and height adjustment and partial recombination of the shelves

Industrial Storage Rack Design

Pallet Racks Main Parts

In the structure of heavy duty storage racks for warehouse, it can be divided into two parts: columns and beams. The columns are in direct contact with the ground, while the beams are usually used to store cargo. To sum up these two points, the column part of the pallet racksis the part with greater force

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  • Longspan Racking is heavy duty shelving for storage of heavy and bulky products. With UDL up to 1200 kg longspan shelving is ideal for small warehouses and distribution centres. Longspan racking joins together to make runs of racking to suit the space available.

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