Why Do Warehouse Storage Rack Need Regular Safety Inspections?

Slotted Angle Racks

In the long-term use of Heavy Duty Warehouse Rack, frequent collisions, overload, and wear affect the structure safety and carrying capacity, which leads to potential safety and dangers of Pallet racking systems. The following scenarios mainly occur:

Slotted Angle Racks
Slotted Angle Racks
  1. The initial deviation of Material Storage Rack and the deviation caused by long-term load are larger than the range allowed by safety standards;
  2. Tilt or deviation caused by floor settlement;
  3. Complex access operations will lead to relaxation and shedding of structures;

4, if not equipped with safety protection facilities or not equipped with safety protection facilities, easy to cause operation accidents;

  1. Damaged structures and auxiliary parts are not replaced immediately.

If left unchecked at this time, Heavy Duty Warehouse Rack is very prone to safety accidents in the use process, resulting in irreparable losses. Therefore, the storage rack must be checked after being used for a period of time to avoid the above situation. The following is a simple process of shelf detection:

According to the load information such as cargo load, seismic load and handling equipment supplier provided by the customer, Racking Manufacturers select the materials, specifications and dimensions of all components of the shelf. According to the relevant shelf design specifications, the internal force and displacement of the shelf under various working conditions and load combinations are calculated and analyzed. The process of checking the bearing capacity of components and connecting nodes, checking the deformation of structures and components, and ensuring that the shelf structure meets the requirements of bearing capacity limit state and normal use limit state.