Extend The Service Life of Mezzanine Racking

rack supported mezzanine

Rack supported mezzanine is a racking system widely used in small and medium warehouses. According to the carrying capacity, the racks can be divided into Medium duty rack supported mezzanine and Heavy duty mezzanine racking. To prolong the service life reasonably, we must first understand the production process.

rack supported mezzanine
rack supported mezzanine

Mezzanine floor manufacturers Production process:
The cold-rolled section steel is flattened → rolled by the rolling mill → punched by the punch → cut according to the height used by the customer.

Heavy duty mezzanine floor manufacturers Production process:

According to the needs of customers, cutting materials → welding rack connection column grasping → grinding into semi-finished products.

All parts of Medium duty rack supported mezzanine and Heavy duty mezzanine racking need to be derusted, degreasing and phosphating. After each process is completed, epoxy resin should be electrostatically sprayed.

In order to meet the different load-bearing requirements of customers, warehouse storage racks manufacturers usually design racks of various specifications. Therefore, the weight of goods stored on mezzanine racking must not exceed the weight it can carry.

Every rack and different types of goods have different usage methods, mezzanine racking is no exception, warehouse managers should strictly follow the standard (work manual).

When using rack supported mezzanine to prevent moisture and rain, the beams and columns of the racking system are metal products. If they are affected by the sun and humidity, rack supported mezzanine may rust in the long run, thereby affecting the service life.