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What is the advantages of dexion pallet racking?

Dexion pallet racking is a type of industrial storage system that is used to store palletized goods. It consists of vertical frames and horizontal beams that are connected to create shelves for the pallets to sit on. The system is designed to maximize space utilization in warehouses and distribution centers. Dexion is a brand name […]


Principles For Designing Automated Warehouse Racking

Nowadays, we can see the application of automated warehouse pallet racking in many industries. A complete automated three-dimensional warehouse not only has a very intelligent WMS warehouse management system, computer monitoring system and automatic control system, but also has an advanced integrated logistics concept. Different equipment is coordinated to achieve the entire operation process, so […]

vna racking system

The Advantage of VNA Racking Systems

The Advantage of VNA Racking Systems VNA(Very-Narrow-Aisle) Pallet Racking Systems are also called heavy duty very narrow aisle shelves. Very narrow aisle shelves are higher and can store a lot of things. The structure of the heavy duty induistrial racking is similar to the Very narrow aisle shelves, and the heavy duty induistrial racking is […]


Classification of Pallet Racking System

Classification of Pallet Racking System There are many types of warehouse heavy duty racking, according to different classification methods, there are the following categories: According to the development of racks, it can be divided into Heavy Duty Industrial Racking (including layer racks, layer format racks, drawer racks, cabinet racks, U-shaped racks, cantilever racks, medium duty […]