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Longspan Racking is composed of uprights, beams, transverse braces, diagonal braces and laminates. Nylon self-locking bolts can effectively prevent the shelf from becoming unstable after the bolts are loosened.

The uprights are punched with double rows of diamond-shaped holes. The height of the panel corner guard can be adjusted by 50mm, which increases the flexibility of storage. The laminates can be composed of steel laminates, wood laminates and steel meshes. The laminates are laid between the beams. The clapboard racks have great bearing capacity and fully save space. They are suitable for small batches, multiple varieties, small items storage and Manual storage.

longspan racking manufacturer
Longspan Racking Manufacturer

Introduction of Longspan Shelving Racks

easy to access manually

The layer height can be adjusted freely to increase the storage capacity.

200-800kg UDL/ Layer

The loading capacity of each layer can be customized. The weight of each layer is between 100kg-800kg

EQUIP with various panels

Lock-in step beam, steel or wooden panels.

OEM/ODM available

Longspan racking manufacturer make accroding to clients’ requirements.

Specifications of Longspan Racking Manufacturer 300kgs/ Layer

Longspan Shelves Racking Key Features

  • Plug-in structure, flexible combination, convenient assembly and disassembly;
  • The shelves are used in combination with one main rack and multiple sub racks, and the number of sub racks can be increased as needed to increase storage space;
  • The column is punched every 50mm, and the shelf can be adjusted up and down according to the pitch;
  • The overall load-bearing capacity is suitable for the storage of large-sized and heavy-weight goods.

Structure: Also known as Medium duty long span shelves, it consists of uprights, beams and layers of steel plates. The laminates are mainly steel laminates.

Shelf column: It is roll-formed from cold-rolled steel plate by a special cold-formed forming unit. The front of the column is punched with double rows of holes. The distance between the holes is arranged in a straight line at a distance of 50mm. The column holes are used for hanging beams. The two uprights are opposite to each other, and there are horizontal connecting pipes and inclined connecting pipes in the middle to assemble the two uprights into the upright pieces of the standard medium-sized rack.

Shelf beam: use “P” type pipe, commonly known as “step beam”, the height of the step matches the height of the laminate.

Shelf steel laminate: It can be directly formed by bending SGCC hot-dip galvanized steel sheet, or it can be made by bending cold-rolled steel sheet on all sides and welding reinforcing ribs at the bottom.

Load capacity: 250kg-800kg/layer, the beam can be freely adjusted up and down according to 50mm, 75MM steps.

Surface treatment: It is sprayed with high-quality epoxy resin electrostatic powder, which has the characteristics of strong adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and beautiful appearance. Fully guarantee the surface quality and finish.

Uses: Widely used in electronics, light industry, culture and education, pharmaceutical industries, etc. Manual storage and retrieval of goods, zero storage and zero retrieval, easy access.

Warehouse longspan racking does not have the ultimate use of upward space like mezzanine racks, and its height is mostly below 2.5m, but its layer spacing can be adjusted according to needs

Main/Add-on(WxD)mmHeight\mmUDL kgLayers
long span racking

Racking Components

The longspan shelving rack adopts a fully assembled structure, which is composed of the main frame, sub-frame, laminate, column, beam and other accessories, and the assembly and disassembly are simple and easy to understand, convenient and time-saving, and do not need to use any tools.

longspan racking

Different Structure

If the span of the unit rack is less than 2m and the layer load is less than 500kg, it is usually suitable to choose medium duty longspan racking without beam; if the span of the unit rack is more than 2m, generally only the beam-type medium duty column can be selected. , P-beam shelf structure; Beam-type medium duty long span rack are more industrialized and more suitable for storing metal structure products.

warehouse long span racking

the main and the add-on rack

The main rack refers to a set of shelves that are completely independent of two pieces of uprights and beams (or laminates). A add-on racks refers to a shelf that is attached to an adjacent group of shelves and cannot be independent. If several groups of shelves are assembled into a column, then in addition to the first group requiring two pieces of uprights, other groups can share a piece of uprights with the group in front of it. Such shelves are called add-on racks. This can save space and reduce costs, and the firmness is also more stable than that of a single group, and the storage capacity is also greatly improved.

warehouse long span racking

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