Longspan Racking

Improve The Efficiency of Pallet Racking Placement

According to statistics, the pure walking time of traditional warehouse staff in the warehouse accounts for more than 60% of the total operation time. In view of the above situation, reasonable warehouse heavy duty racking placement design can significantly improve work efficiency. So, how to design heavy duty racking placement?

  • First. Don’t go back!

This is the basic principle of distribution guarantee. Whether it is for order shipment or supplier arrival, it must be guaranteed that the goods are executed on the same straight line.

warehouse pallet racking
warehouse pallet racking
  • Second. Warehouse Guidance Route

This is the premise of scientific and reasonable product ranking. The shelves are customized according to the size of the site and the specifications of the SKU box, covering the pillars and the sewer pipes. The principle of ensuring that there are no exposed columns in the shelf passages.

The shelves are arranged in vertical order of brands. The new product shelves are listed in front of warehouse heavy duty racking, the best-selling shelves are listed next, and the flat-selling shelves are listed behind, which is far from the slow-selling shelves. The principle of the guaranteed distance for stacking products with high turnover. The turnover products are directly put in and out of the warehouse virtually, and delivered to the courier from the supplier’s finished product warehouse.

  • Third. Speed ​​comes first

The basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of warehouse racking planning. Even if you don’t invest temporarily, you should also plan for the long-term when planning your warehouse. Because the planning of the warehouse layout determines both capacity and speed. Such as: mobile SKU boxes, fire protection facilities, monitoring equipment, collector network, pallet machinery, etc.

carton flow racking
carton flow racking

Other Details:

  1. Design points of heavy duty warehouse shelves

The category of the material on the shelf and the container of the material. The size requirements of the shelves are related to the materials or containers they carry. The size can be customized, but the size proposed by the shelf supplier is relatively professional. On the other hand, if there are problems, it can also share some of the obligations.

Shelf handling equipment. Whether there is a stacking device for the shelves at present, if there is, it is necessary to consider various factors such as the inversion radius of the device and the width of the device.

The load-bearing level on the ground of the warehouse itself, this figure needs to be obtained from the contractor. Special attention should be paid to heavy-duty shelves.

Incoming and outgoing methods and storage time of stored materials. There can be various materials with different storage times in the warehouse, which requires thinking about the way in and out of the warehouse or the storage method to find a really suitable way of placing the storage shelves that can achieve a higher space utilization rate.

  1. Skills for placing heavy duty warehouse shelves

In the placement of storage shelves, some people often pay attention to how many storage shelves can be placed. They think that the more storage shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of the warehouse, but the feasibility and convenience of actual operation will often be ignored. neglect. For example, it is practical to place only a single row of shelves on the side of the wall. If there are double rows on the side of the wall, then the shelves in the inner row cannot be put into the product, and it will be very difficult to take it out. Placing a single row of shelves against the wall will cause too much wasted space.

The placement of products is closely related to the overall appearance. In storage shelves, the placement requirements for products lie in the particularity of the goods, mainly whether they can be stacked, hung, vertically, horizontally, or in bulk. The design of storage shelves should ensure that the goods have appropriate area and space when they are stored, so that the goods can be effectively arranged in a horizontal arrangement to display the different varieties.

Sort by shelf inventory turnover. Goods that are frequently accessed should be placed on the storage shelves away from the entrance and exit; of course, with the changes in the life cycle of the product, seasons and other factors, the inventory turnover rate will also change.

The signs of the goods should face the aisle, not only the outer layer should face the aisle, but also the goods should be marked facing the aisle, facing the same direction, so that the staff can always work smoothly without interrupting the work to confirm the signs, which is convenient. work and improve work efficiency.

In fact, whether it is for e-commerce or customers in other industries, the planning of warehouse shelves heavy duty is not a small investment, so we recommend that you must consider everything in the early planning, so as to avoid some problems in the later use process. Unnecessary problems arise.