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The Advantage of Mezzanine Racking

Different warehouses will choose different types of storage shelves according to the different stored goods. Common ones are Pallet Racking, Cantilever Arm Rack, Mezzanine Racking, etc. Most of them can be reasonably selected according to production needs, and among them, Mezzanine Racking is the most practical. and significant advantages. The space of the built-in shelf […]

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The Difference Between Mezzanine Racking And Longspan Racking Shelves

Warehouse Longspan Racking and Mezzanine Racking are both assembled structures. In fact, Longspan Racking can be said to be the predecessor of Mezzanine Racking. On the basis of Longspan Racking, multi-storey floors are designed and combined with cargo elevators, it becomes Rack supported mezzanine. Since it is said that Longspan Racking is the basis of […]

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Extend The Service Life of Mezzanine Racking

Rack supported mezzanine is a racking system widely used in small and medium warehouses. According to the carrying capacity, the racks can be divided into Medium duty rack supported mezzanine and Heavy duty mezzanine racking. To prolong the service life reasonably, we must first understand the production process. Mezzanine floor manufacturers Production process:The cold-rolled section […]