Wire Mesh Decking

Galvanized Steel Welded Wire Mesh Decking

For Pallet Racking


Our welded wire mesh decking can be easily used on most of the racking systems, included boxed beam, step beam or square section beam, grid sizes including 50X50, 50X100, and 25X100, wire diameter 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.

Easy Install

it can be easily fitted into existing racking systems, we supply universal waterfall type which sits directly on the beams, also in-lay type/inside waterfall which flushes with the top of the beams, and upward lip type as well.

wire decking for pallet rack

Strong Capacity

It comes with customerized width and lenght which accommodate a capacity of 100-2000kg

Surface Treatment

Surface finish can be either zinc plated (economical ) or powder coated.

Specifications of Industrial Wire Mesh Decking

Product Description

  • Flared wire decking is designed mainly for box beam rack.
  • U channels with flared ends are welded to wire mesh to reinforce the loading capacity.
  • Wire diameter: 5.0-6.4mm;
  • Mesh size commonly used: 100*50, 50*50mm
  • Flared channels thickness: 1.8mm, 2.0mm

Advantage of Wire Decking

  • Suitable for small items storage
  • Easy to identify items and prevents dirt from accumulation on shelf.
  • Meet the needs of warehousing and centralized management of large quantities of goods and a variety of products
  • Enchance safety to pallet racking system.

Product Features

The raw materials of wire mesh decking are made of high-quality cold-drawn wire and spray-welded to form a wire mesh decking of 50*50. The bottom is reinforced with reinforcing ribs, and the two sides are bent and placed on the shelf beam to ensure the safety of the goods. The general loading capacity can reach 3T, and the surface treatment is galvanized and sprayed.


Specifications of Wire Mesh Decking
 Wire mesh steel decking or racking
StyleReinforced, heavy duty
MaterialGrade Q235 (or SS400) Q345
Standard ColorZinc-plated
Adjustable PitchN/A
Access StyleHigh Accessibility & Selectivity
FinishingPowder Coated or Galvanized
Application EnvironmentNormal Temperature or Freezer
wire mesh decking

Types Of Wire Mesh Decking

Generally, it is made according to the size of heavy duty pallet racking. According to different loading capacity requirements

wire mesh decking

Size of Wire Mesh Decking

it can be summarized as follows: Wire diameter: 5.0, 6.0, 6.4 and 8.0; Mesh: 50*50, 50*100, 25*25, 50*25;

Wire Deck For Pallet Racking

Reinforcing rib: generally U-shaped steel with an opening length of 70mm, flattened at both ends.

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