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What is the advantages of dexion pallet racking?

Dexion pallet racking is a type of industrial storage system that is used to store palletized goods. It consists of vertical frames and horizontal beams that are connected to create shelves for the pallets to sit on. The system is designed to maximize space utilization in warehouses and distribution centers. Dexion is a brand name […]

wire mesh decking

The Benefits of Using Wire Mesh Decking and Containers

The Benefits of Using Wire Mesh Decking and Containers in Your Warehouse Wire mesh decking, wire decking, and wire containers are essential components of any warehouse or distribution center. These products are designed to improve inventory management, maximize storage space, and increase warehouse efficiency. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these products […]

Longspan Racking

Improve The Efficiency of Pallet Racking Placement

Improve The Efficiency of Pallet Racking Placement According to statistics, the pure walking time of traditional warehouse staff in the warehouse accounts for more than 60% of the total operation time. In view of the above situation, reasonable warehouse heavy duty racking placement design can significantly improve work efficiency. So, how to design heavy duty […]

Slotted Angle Racks

Why Do Warehouse Storage Rack Need Regular Safety Inspections?

In the long-term use of Heavy Duty Warehouse Rack, frequent collisions, overload, and wear affect the structure safety and carrying capacity, which leads to potential safety and dangers of Pallet racking systems. The following scenarios mainly occur: The initial deviation of Material Storage Rack and the deviation caused by long-term load are larger than the […]