Automated Pallet Racking Systems

Automated three-dimensional warehouses are now the mainstream intelligent three-dimensional warehouses. The use of three-dimensional warehouse equipment can realize high-level rationalization of warehouses, automation of access, and simplification of operations; automated three-dimensional warehouses are the current form of higher technical level. The main body of the automated three-dimensional warehouse is composed of shelves, aisle stacking cranes, in (out) warehouse workbenches, and automatic in (out) and operation control systems. The rack is a building or structure of steel structure or reinforced concrete structure. There is a standard-sized cargo space in the rack. The roadway stacking crane travels through the roadway between the shelves to complete the work of storing and picking up goods.

The shuttle rack is a complete high-density storage system composed of racks, shuttle tables and forklifts. This efficient storage method brings new options for improving warehouse space utilization.

Inventory: When in stock, a forklift truck will place the goods at the front end of the guide rail of the shelf, and the shuttle trolley operated by radio remote control can carry the pallet rack and run on the guide rail;

Picking up: When picking up the goods, move the pallets deep in the rack to the front of the rack through the shuttle trolley, and use the forklift to remove the pallet rack from the rack.

shuttle rack

Introduction of High Density Warehouse Storage Racking

Fully automatic warehouse

Connection to your warehouse management system

compact structure

Small height and volume, save more storage space

Equipped with electronic control system

You can consider applying some smart facilities to manage the warehouse with the vertical warehouse shelves.

Easy to operate

The Automated Pallet Racking Systems can use fully automatic machinery to carry out goods transportation

Specifications of Industrial Pallet Racking

What are my options when it comes to semi-automated solutions?

There are a few options available on the market today.

Shuttle pallet rack features:

Extremely high space utilization, 2-3 times the efficiency of forklifts when automatically accessing goods, no need for personnel to work in the shelf area, the longer the shelf storage port, the more prominent the advantage, and the first-in-first-out management of goods is realized. The shuttle car can count the pallets in each port, allowing the warehouse personnel to quickly understand the storage capacity, which is suitable for multiple varieties and multiple batches.

shuttle rack

Advantage of Shuttle Pallet Rack

1. Compact structure

Small height and volume save more storage space; it can not only travel in four directions on the supporting rack rails, but also use vertical elevators to realize layer-changing operations, which further increases the storage shelf layout and the four-way shuttle garage operation. Flexibility and scalability.

2. Four-way driving

It can travel freely along the vertical or horizontal track on the cross track of the three-dimensional shelf, realize one-stop point-to-point transportation, and can reach any position on the floor of the warehouse;

3. Smart layer change

With the hoist, the shuttle car can realize the efficient working mode of automatic and accurate layer change; realize the three-dimensional space movement, and accurately control the in and out of each cargo compartment in the steel shelf area;

4. Intelligent control

There are two working modes, automatic and semi-automatic. Greatly improve the efficiency of cargo access and warehouse space utilization. Using WMS, WCS system software to connect with enterprise ERP/SAP/MES management system software, it can also keep goods stored in a first-in, first-out manner.

5. High utilization of storage space

The pallet four-way shuttle automatic intensive storage system can further improve the utilization rate of storage space, usually 20% to 30%, which is 2 to 5 times that of ordinary closing.

6. Dynamic management of cargo space

A traditional warehouse is just a place to store goods, and keeping goods is one of its functions, which is a kind of “static storage”. The pallet four-way shuttle bus is an advanced automatic material handling equipment. It can not only make the goods in the warehouse fully informatized, and automatically access them as needed, but also organically connect with the production links outside the warehouse.

7. Unmanned automatic warehousing mode

The workload of warehouse staff is greatly reduced, making it possible for the warehouse to be unmanned. The goods out of the warehouse are directly connected to the automatic conveyor through the four-way pallet shuttle bus and the goods vertical elevator. Warehouse staff only need to monitor the operation of the system from time to time to realize automatic access without anyone entering the warehouse to work.

Applicable to various industries:
Food, medicine, daily chemical products, chemical industry, processing and manufacturing, auto parts, clothing and textile, home appliance and furniture industry, logistics and warehousing, cold storage and cold chain, printing and packaging industry, e-commerce industry, etc.

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What is Automated Pallet Racking Systems?

This is a high-bay warehouse, which is generally composed of three-dimensional shelves, automation equipment (stackers, shuttles, agv, etc.), conveyors, pallets (bins), information management control systems and other equipment, which can be completed according to instructions. Automatic storage of goods and automatic management of inventory locations.

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how does automated Pallet Racking Systems do?

The reason why enterprises use Automated Pallet Racking is that it can effectively realize the information management of inventory and visualize the entire order process, so as to track the delivery, in-transit, shelf, and storage of material orders in real time. From purchasing raw materials, producing products, warehousing to sales, automated three-dimensional warehouses run through the entire life cycle of products.

automated pallet racking systems

High space utilization rate

Automated three-dimensional warehouses are suitable for both large warehouses and small warehouses, because large warehouses generally need to place many goods, so the goods are stacked higher, and small warehouses need to make good use of the upper space because of their small area, so use three-dimensional warehouses compared to general shelves In terms of greatly improving the utilization rate of the warehouse, so that the things that are placed high can be easily picked up and delivered.

automated pallet racking systems

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