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household storage rack light duty shelving

Light duty shelves belongs to storage shelves, it is distinguished and named according to the carrying capacity of the shelf.

According to this division principle, the carrying capacity of light duty shelves in all storage shelves is relatively small. Usually the shelf load is less than or equal to 150kg/layer (the shelf load is mostly calculated based on the bearing capacity of the layer).

Light duty shelving is a very economical, practical and convenient warehouse rack. The structure of light duty shelving is the same as that of Medium duty longspan racking, and it can be disassembled and assembled by itself.

The layer height can be adjusted freely at a distance of 5cm, and its material specification and bearing capacity are also small. This kind of Light duty shelving is economical in price, and its structure is more stable and reliable than universal angle steel shelves. Within a span of 1500cm, it can carry 100-200kg. The surface is sprayed , suitable for storing light and medium-sized items and manual access.

Types of Light Duty Shelving Systems

  • Light Duty Boltless Shelving
  • Slotted Angle Racks
Slotted Angle Racks
Light Duty Shelving Systems

Introduction of Light Duty Shelving Rack

OEM/ODM available

The surface treatment adopts polishing, surface rust removal, oil removal, electrostatic powder spraying treatment, colour and size can be customized.

Fully assembled structure

It is convenient and flexible to combine, install and disassemble at will.

low investment cost

Widely used in factories, shopping malls, household and other storage needs

various panels

There are wood and steel plates for panels, and the height of the column is provided with an adjustable hole spacing every 50mm, which can be used according to the height of the goods.

Specifications of Industrial Pallet Racking

slotted angle racks

Light Duty Shelving Column Specifications

  • 30*50*1.0C section steel is made of high-quality strip steel, automatic rolling mill, punching, and then cutting according to the height specified by the customer.
  • Light duty shelves are made of high-quality cold plates, which are made by flattening, slitting, bending and welding reinforcing ribs.
  • After the light duty shelves columns and laminates are processed into semi-finished products, the final process can be sprayed. After completion, it can be packaged and shipped
  • Light duty shelves are an ideal substitute for the original enterprises to use angle steel welding and simple wooden shelves on the top.
  • The product has the advantages of low cost, safety and reliability, simple assembly and disassembly, and can be used alone. At the same time, we can design and manufacture shelves according to the actual storage space of customers.
Body size(cm)capacity(per shelf)KGMDF board thicknessframe thickness
Shelves For Warehouse Use

Adjustable Shelves

The simplest, lowest cost, most popular racking system. The spacing and position are adjustable to fit your need in restaurants, warehouses, cold rooms, etc.

Storage Rack Shelf

Boltless Shelving Units

Light Duty Boltless Shelving provides simple, cost-efficient solutions for virtually any storage requirement. Combine boltless shelving with uprights provides one of the most versatile and economical shelving systems available.

Angle Rack

Universal angle steel rack

The universal angle steel shelf is a type of light duty shelf. It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, stamped and formed, easy to disassemble, easy to adjust, and can be flexibly combined without welding, knocking, and bolting. It is required to increase or decrease the number of layers of the laminate to achieve the best storage effect. MDF or steel laminate can be configured according to different loading capacity.

Angle Rack

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