Introduction of Warehouse Storage Cage With Lids

wire mesh container

Warehouse Storage cage with lids is a professional used for the storage of goods storage machinery equipment. The Warehouse Storage cage with lids occupies a very important influence in the warehouse, because of the sharp increase in the total flow of material, in order to complete the modern management of the warehouse, improve the function of the warehouse, not only the number of shelves, but also the provisions of multifunctional, and can complete the mechanization, automation technical provisions.

warehouse cage
warehouse cage

The role and function of the Warehouse Storage cage have the following areas:

  1. Storage cage with cover is a kind of platform structure. Flexible use of warehouse space utilization to expand storage capacity.
  2. Storage cage with cover is convenient for storage and is conducive to checking.
  3. Ensure the quality of the stored goods, and adopt waterproof and antifouling measures to improve the quality of material supply and storage.
  4. The structure and function of storage cage with cover are conducive to the completion of warehouse mechanization and intelligent control. The covered storage cage accounts for a large proportion in the total investment of storage shelves, so it is very important to effectively select the covered storage cage with relative design scheme and economic development. To ensure the shelf compressive strength, rigidity and overall reliability of the premise, as far as possible to alleviate the net weight of the shelf, reduce material loss, reduce the shelf to the warehouse and bear the pressure of the provisions, in line with warehousing logistics standards.