What Are The Advantages Of Cantilever Racks?

cantilever arm racks

Warehouses that use cantilever shelves can have the following five characteristics:

cantilever arm racks
cantilever arm racks

Maximize the use of space

In the warehouse where goods are stored and stored manually, the shelves are about 2m high. The warehouse with ordinary forklift can reach 3-4 meters, but the required channel needs more than 3 meters wide. The storage of mechanical and electrical parts in this warehouse is normally 0.3-0.5T/m2 per unit area. And cantilever shelf warehouse at present the highest has reached more than 40 meters, its storage capacity per unit area is much higher than the ordinary warehouse. A shelf warehouse of 15m high, storage of mechanical and electrical parts and auxiliary parts, the storage capacity per unit area can reach 2~ 15T/square meters.

Maximize the demand for production

Cantilever arm racks warehouse can form an advanced production chain and promote the progress of productivity. Professionals explain that, because of the high efficiency of automatic warehouse access, so can effectively link the production links outside the warehouse, can form an automated logistics system in storage, so as to form a planned and arranged production chain, so that the productivity has been greatly improved.

Improve the level of warehouse

With the help of computer management can effectively use the warehouse storage capacity, convenient inventory inventory, reasonable inventory reduction, saving liquidity. For the semi-finished products warehouse in the production process, it can also track the semi-finished products and become an integral part of enterprise logistics.

Avoid loss of goods and reduce damage

Due to the adoption of shelf storage, combined with computer management can easily achieve FIFO, avoid the natural aging of goods, deterioration, rust, effectively placed the loss of goods, reduce goods damage.

Cantilever racks warehouse can meet special work needs. The cantilever shelf warehouse storage system requires few staff and system maintenance personnel, and can better adapt to the needs of dark, toxic, low temperature and other special occasions.

In short, the above five characteristics do not need all the use of cantilever shelves warehouse should be able to achieve, this is according to the situation of their own enterprises to targeted use, cantilever shelves have many advantages, strong characteristics, specific how to use can make enterprise profit maximization, it is best to communicate with the strength of the manufacturer.